Lessmore furnishings are examples of circular design at FestivalFuturo 2018 organized by Altroconsumo

FestivalFuturo Altrocobsumo Ri-GenerazioniFestivalFuturo 2018 | Re-Generations, the circular economy era
28 - 30 September 2018
UniCredit Pavilion, piazza Gae Aulenti, 10 - Milano

LIFE STYLE | SEPTEMBER 28 2018 - 5.45pm - 6.30pm
The devil wears sustainable clothes: fashion in the circular economy

Moderator: Matteo Metta, journalist of the Altroconsumo editorial staff
Guests: Vincenzo Linarello, Giampiero Tessitore, Aurora Magni, Tiziano Guardini, Giorgio Caporaso, Piero Pelizzaro, Paola Negroni

Festivalfuturo took place in Milan from 28 to 30 September. There were three days of events, debates and interactive paths to understand together the potential of the circular economy and sustainability: ninety speakers and experts, forty workshops and tastings, twenty-five debates and interviews.
This year Altroconsumo, organizer of the event, has chosen as theme "Re-Generations, the circular economy era", with a focus on innovation, sustainability and the circular economy. Every day we can choose products and services that, thanks to innovation, are born from the reuse and the correct use of natural resources. The Lessmore furnishings fully respect the philosophy of #festivalfuturo and represent an example of Circular Economy that takes into account respect for the environment. During the event "The devil wears sustainable clothes: fashion in the circular economy" there was talk about the products with a high rate of creativity, such as fashion and design, that shine with a sustainable beauty. Designers, designers, inventors in comparison.

Festivalfuturo | Ri-Generazioni, l’era dell’economia circolare

Over 3500 citizens actively participated in the workshops and discussion panels held at the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan, animating 'Re-Generations, the circular economy era'
Debate: The Devil Wears Sustainable: Fashion in the Circular Economy. Giorgio Caporaso participated as an ecodesigner
The More_Light shelf is an example of a circular design, used to display examples and methods of recycling materials
The More_Light cardboard bookcase, an excellent example of a circular economy, used as an example of circular design methods
The More_Light cardboard cabinet is an example of a circular designe
The Ecodesign Collection Lessmore respects the parameters of the circular economy. Designer: Giorgio Caporaso
Giorgio Caporaso, expert in green design, at the debate on altroconsumo The devil is sustainable: fashion in the circular economy
X2Chair by Giorgio Caporaso, a cardboard repairable and transformable seat, is an example of circular design