Giorgio Caporaso graduated in Architecture, with area of specialization in Industrial Design and Furnishing at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1996.

Fascinated by the idea of design at all scales, his favourite motto is “from the spoon to the city”, the oft-quoted words that encapsulate the idea of a professionalism applied to the project in all its dimensions, ranging from architectonic volumes, thoroughly researched in detail, according to fine Italian design criteria, to interior environments and object design, and embracing graphic design.

Right from the beginning of his career he worked in the area of residential interior design and residential and industrial architectural planning, design and visual communication. He has been a teaching assistant on several university courses at the Faculty of Industrial Design and Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

In 1997 he opened his own professional studio which operates in the field of
architectural planning, design and graphics.

Architecture and interior design
His architectural expertise was called upon for the design of buildings, living spaces and offices, with a view to new technologies and energy saving, developing a sensitivity towards the environment, land and man. The study and planning conducted by his studio are therefore informed by the need for new designs to bring about town rejuvenation in a novel and contemporary vein. He finds a particular fascination in the search for a new compositional language, including for urban environments, in which green elements (nature) and constructive elements (artefact) can become increasingly entwined.

Product Design, Visual Design, Corporate Identity and Exhibition Design
He designs furnishing products for the domestic home setting, the workplace and places of leisure and recreation. He works on the user interface applied to the new media and the new intelligence that has become widespread in everyday objects. Several of his projects are currently in the patenting phase.

His projects concern showrooms and other object designs in relation to the company’s image.

He collaborates with several companies and studios.

He received the Selection of Honour at the XVIII ‘Compasso d’Oro’ (Golden Compass) and the Mention of Honour at the XVI biennial BIO16 Ljubljana.

His design MORE has allowed him to win the competition "Tommorow' s Design
Philosophy" "Match-making"-100% Design” (London, 2008). MORE is a new modular furniture with unlimited assembly options that can be manufactured in different materials and combined forming different shapes, offering a high adaptability to every environment.

MORE has been exhibited to 100% Design Futures in London, a special section of the world’s most important contemporary interiors event held in London, 18 - 21 September 2008.

His designs have been published in various specialist journals catering for the
architecture and design sector and some of his works have been displayed.